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Process and Fees for Portraits and Other Commissioned Work

Portrait in Oil Linen Canvas Typical Size Fee
head and shoulders 14” x 11” - 20” x 16” $700-1,500
½ figure 24” x 20” - 30” x 24” $2,500-3,500
¾ figure 36” x 24” - 40” x 30” $4,500-5,500
full figure 48” x 36” + $7,500 +
other subject matter (varies) (varies)


Fees above are for typical works, unframed.  Those incorporating a high degree of detail or complexity may necessitate a higher fee.  Each additional person is 60% of the base portrait fee.

Other Commission Art

I also offer commission paintings in a variety of styles, including figurative, landscape, cityscape, seascape, animals, still life, and abstract.  All are created to compliment the décor of the setting in which they will be displayed.


I offer an assortment of beautiful frames for an additional fee based on frame style, size, and shipping costs.  If it will enhance the painting, I recommend embellishing the frame with a subtle glaze of oil paint and perform the work at no charge.  The glaze color is chosen to compliment the colors in the painting.


I like to meet with the client (or interior designer) in the client’s home or wherever the painting will hang.  This gives me the opportunity to observe the room décor, color theme, and mood, as well as the available wall space and ideal location for the painting.  I work closely with the client to select the canvas size and the dominant colors to compliment the subject(s) and room setting.

For portraits, I work from photographs to avoid the inconvenience and extra expense associated with subject sittings.  Photographs are also useful if the subject is deceased or the portrait is meant to be a surprise gift.  Whenever possible, I prefer to shoot the photographs myself to suit my needs for composition and lighting.  However, I can also compose a portrait from existing photographs, adding elements as needed (a favorite pet, musical instrument, etc.)  Whenever possible I like to meet the person that I am going to paint in order to observe their personality and demeanor.  I like to learn about their hobbies and interests, such as horses, the outdoors, reading, etc.  Incorporating such personal elements is essential in creating a portrait that will tell the subject's unique story for generations to come.

For non-portrait works, I discuss the subject matter with the client and photograph the room and wall space where the painting will hang.  If available, wall paint and fabric swatches are utilized in determining the painting's color theme.  I then take these materials back to my studio and work out some ideas to present to the client.


I work in oils on hand-woven Belgian linen and use only the highest quality materials.  An oil painting is archival and should last for centuries.


The client and I review all available photographs and drawings and select the best ones for composing the portrait.  We then discuss placement of any additional elements.  Shortly thereafter, I provide the client with a hand-drawn or digitally-composed draft for adjustments (if needed) and approval.  This can be done either in person or via e-mail or postal mail.  Upon approval, I begin painting.  I will show the client the painting when it is approximately 75% complete so that any necessary adjustments to the likeness can be made to the client's satisfaction.


A deposit of 50% is required before the work begins, with the final 50% payable upon completion.  Travel expenses are billed at cost.


A portrait is typically completed within 3 to 6 months.  Larger paintings and murals may take longer.  Every effort is made to provide the work in the shortest time possible without sacrificing its quality.  Delivery arrangements are made in consultation with the client.  If the client is within reasonable driving distance, I deliver the painting.  Otherwise, I carefully package it and ship it via FedEx or UPS.  Delivery and insurance costs are billed to the client.



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