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Customer Testimonials

"By chance and circumstance I had the good fortune to meet Almerinda Silva.  I commissioned her to do a portrait of my husband, whom I had recently lost.  Although she never met him, she captured both his countenance and personality - all from the tiniest photograph.  Reflecting on his portrait gives me solace from my grief.  Almerinda is a true artist and salvation.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Almerinda."
    - Georgia McColough

"Almerinda did a wonderful job on the portrait of me standing in front of the Capitol, which was commissioned by members of my former Congressional staff for my new office at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  Her selection as the artist was particularly fitting since Almerinda is an alumna of the University.  I am proud to hang the portrait in my office, where it receives many compliments and reminds me of the rewarding years I spent serving the people of Massachusetts in Congress.  I wish Almerinda continued success."
    - UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan,
      U.S. Congressman/Massachusetts Fifth District 1993-2007

"We fell in love with 'The Tango' upon first sight.  Almerinda had captured the beauty, elegance, and emotion of two people in a moment of passion and energy in the dance.  After purchasing this first piece from Almerinda, we couldn't help but commission her to paint 'The Samba' to accompany it."
    - David Drolet and Louise Settlemoir

"I love the painting of the angel that Almerinda did for my book cover.  What an extraordinary experience it was to see how she was able to capture an idea, transform it into a sketch, and paint it in a way that it practically comes to life.  Not only is she incredibly gifted, she is also a pleasure to work with."
    - Lynne Galvin, owner of The Lynne Company, distributor of The Forever Book

"Your portrait of my father, who passed away 3 years ago, captured the essence of who my father was.  His loving presence lives on through this painting.  Your talent transcends paint and canvas and you have the unique ability to bring things to life.  This was a most difficult time of my life and you have given me the gift of having my father with me again.  Your talent is tremendous.  Thank you very much, Almerinda."
    - Bob Thys

"You have a wonderful talent.  Not only did you capture my father-in-law's essence but you also created a legacy for our son.  Thanks!"
    - Nadine Thys



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